Looking to promote your website on YouTube any time soon? Well if so, now is a great time to do so! There are so many perks of YouTube marketing, and if you’re not using it, then you could be missing out on a huge chunk of opportunity that can make you very profitable in your business.

To be quite honest, creating the videos for YouTube are actually quite easy. What I did to create my videos was that, I went to Walmart, bought a $100 camcorder, and a 2-foot tall tripod. I set the tripod on my desk and mounted the camcorder to it, and now I have my own “YouTube recording studio” lol.

It really is that easy to get started. And marketing your videos is even easier. I want to go over a few ways that you can promote and distribute your videos online so that you will be able to have the “jumpstart” needed to fuel your business and have more success online. Here is one way to promote your videos:

1) Share your YouTube videos with your friends and family on Facebook

This strategy is a good idea for any kind of business, but this can work extremely well if you have a full-fledged website that is all about making cupcakes. You can create YouTube videos about making different cupcakes, share them with your friends and family on Facebook, link back to your website (or display your website on the video), and have your family and friends come to your site and order from you.

It really is that simple! Now obviously you can get more creative with this idea, but I just wanted to throw that out there. You don’t only have to share them on Facebook, promote them on your site as tutorials. And of course, use a wide variety of other marketing techniques that will drive traffic to your site. Here’s another way to promote your videos:

2) Upload a series of videos

Now I’m sure you’ve seen people on YouTube with only 35 videos listed, and they have over 100,000 subscribers. But you need to know that it’s all about the dynamics of your audience, and how much competition and information that they have been exposed to. But what works for one person may not work for you.

You know it really is all about different strokes for different folks. So while some people have low amounts of videos in their accounts but over 100,000 subscribers… you may have to upload 4,000 videos just to reach 20,000 subscribers. Sometimes that’s just how things are.

But one thing for certain is that the more videos you upload to YouTube, the higher the chances are at you growing your fan base and subscribers… quickly and easily. And if your information is superb, you can expect people to share it with their friends, “like it” on Facebook, link to it from their site, and embed it onto their website. All of this is free publicity for you. And it can all be done via Twitter. youtube likes