Whether you’re trying to impress your latest Tinder match, your chemistry class crush, or just someone in your lab who loves science as much as you do, these witty, creative, and cute science pickup lines will help break the frozen H2O. While some of these pickup lines might only work if the person is a scientist or a science student, they are sure to get a reaction from anyone who appreciates a good pun or joke.

1. Your infectious smile puts Cholera to shame.

This witty pickup line is an play on the classic cliche that opposites attract. It may sound cheesy and overused, but the idea behind it is actually quite valid. Scientific studies have shown that humans enjoy being around other people who challenge them mentally. This is because each time you learn something new, your brain creates a synapse that connects with other parts of your mind. So, if you tell someone that they have an infectious smile, they’ll likely feel like they are connecting with you on a deeper level. science pick up lines