If you’re looking to elevate your Shabbat and Jewish holiday meals with a touch of luxury, consider investing in a kiddush fountain. This Judaica piece combines an ancient ritual with a modern invention, turning the sacrificial drink of wine into a dazzling showpiece that will delight children and guests alike.

The idea behind the kiddush cup fountain is simple: instead of the head of a household pouring wine directly from the kiddush cup into little matching cups to be passed around the table, the wine is poured into the top of a sort of merry-go-round-looking silver object with narrow grooves cut into it. From there, the wine flows through a series of tiny tributaries and is evenly distributed into the set of eight smaller matching cups surrounding the base. It’s like a Jewish Willy Wonka, and it’s objectively the most fun way to pour kiddush wine.

When the fountain was first created, there were almost no Jewish silversmiths left in Europe following the Holocaust. So it’s no surprise that people like Jizchak Bier took up the task of creating new objects to inspire the practice of Jewish traditions.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to support handmade Judaica, including artisan-made kiddush fountains. A high-quality kiddush fountain from Jerusalem — made within walking distance of the Western Wall — creates not just a beautiful table accessory, but also a direct link to a rich Jewish heritage that has survived all the tumult of our history. kiddush fountain