Airsoft gear is the equipment that players wear and use to participate in airsoft skirmishes. This includes clothing and weaponry, as well as a variety of other accessories that make the game more fun and realistic. Airsoft BBs can pack quite a punch, especially when they hit bare skin, so it’s important to prioritize clothing that offers sufficient protection. This includes long sleeve shirts, pants that cover your lower legs and feet and closed toe shoes. Camouflage gear is often preferred, as it can help players blend in with their surroundings and provide a more competitive edge when they’re on the battlefield.

A good quality airsoft gun is a must-have for any serious skirmisher. For beginners, we recommend an entry-level AEG such as the ICS Peleador, MAS Marauder or the CYMA CM040, CM045 or CM048 AKs. For more advanced skirmishers, a high-quality gas rifle or sniper might be in order. All players should also have a good, certified set of eye protection; ballistic rated goggles or paintball masks are ideal.

Besides guns, other essential airsoft equipment includes a tactical vest or chest rig and a variety of accessories to carry around the field. These can include a load carrier for extra magazines, a camelbak style hydration system, pistol, communication equipment or anything else the player wants on hand during a skirmish. Knee pads are also a must, as shuffling on your knees while running around a warehouse floor full of small BBs can be extremely irritating. airsoft gear