African young girls are always on the go at the earlier age of about 9 years. Loving blindly without taking into account the consequences:

The argument over abortion is rarely waged with much reference to reason. Our courage and determination usually make as illogical. When the issue at stake is whether to legalize it,AT THE JUNCTION. Articles many argue the moral issue rather than the simple legal question of who should make the decision. The story I am narrating avoids much of this debate and in steady homes in on the decision that are actually being taken young African women who have had unplanned pregnancies

The choices, ranging from quick abortions to fatal poisoning and keeping the baby. Are always made with little outside help. One of the women interviewed decided to give mothered a try!

The pressure society places on young women who have children out of wedlock is enormous. Because abortions are virtually taboo, they decision to keep the baby or terminate the pregnancy is often made unaided.
O what extent then does this pressure and panicked decision-making lead to unnecessary abortion?

When a young unmarried girl discovers that she is pregnancy, she is often forced to struggle with difficult questions about life, responsibility and sometimes death, should she keep the baby or have an abortion? Should the reaction of the baby’s father have any bearing on this decision? Should she tell her parents and risk losing their emotional and financial support? Is she ready for the devastating effect having a baby or an abortion will have on her life?

Now, in the cases of the like making the right choices easy and neither is leaving with the decisions whether they are right or wrong.

Here are what three of many interviewed women had to say:
ANNA SAMSON (16) a clergyman’s daughter brought up under certain Christian family had been looking at her underwear for a week now wondering whether her period would come.
She suspected that she was pregnant but was hoping against hope that she was not!
With no source of income to support a growing child, her mind was almost made up as to what she would do should be confirm her suspicious.

“ I decided to have an abortion, and opted not to tell the father of the child” She says. He was a student and had no job and prospects and she felt that it would not help the situation in any way had he known. “ Once I made my mind.” She calls “All I could think of was how soon I could end the whole thing.”

She did not want her parents back home to find out. And with a help of a friend (School- mate) she managed to raise Tsh 35000(USD 39) to pay for the secret operation, which was successful. She doesn’t think that she did anything wrong, given the situation she was in. beach club lake garda