Disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions offer a number of benefits that help organizations reduce downtime and increase data protection. By enabling automated backups, the solutions can help businesses maintain productivity levels during system outages and ensure that business-critical systems remain online in case of a disaster or unforeseen event.

These solutions also provide a more cost-effective way for companies to protect their information and systems than purchasing and deploying expensive onsite hardware or software to handle disaster recovery on their own. Many DRaaS solutions also offer additional capabilities like cloud-based migration, multi-tenancy support, data security and analytics for an extra fee.

DRaaS works by duplicating virtual and physical servers in an organization’s IT infrastructure and hosting them in the cloud for failover in the event of an outage. By using the cloud as the DR environment, it’s possible for these providers to scale up resources to meet demand and provide faster RPOs and RTOs compared to traditional backup and restore methods.

The cost of a draas solution varies depending on the provider, the amount of storage capacity and network bandwidth needed for replication and recovery, and the amount of time a company wants to keep a snapshot of its IT infrastructure for failover purposes. However, a typical model charges for the storage of snapshots and the applications to be backed up along with usage fees when the servers are accessed during a disaster.

Some DRaaS solutions allow for users to perform non-disruptive, self-service tests to verify the solution’s functionality and performance. This provides peace of mind to business owners that they are prepared for any disaster or unexpected outage that may occur.

With the cost of downtime at $300,000 per hour for 91% of enterprises, a DRaaS solution is more than worth the investment. These solutions are a great way for companies to avoid the costs of unplanned downtime, which include lost revenue, customer frustration and damage to brand image.

A DRaaS solution is ideal for financial institutions and other businesses that must quickly recover from data loss in the event of a natural disaster, outage or hacker attack. Educational institutions and government agencies can also benefit from a DRaaS solution by protecting student and client records in the event of an accident or other unforeseen outage.

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