The start of the new century,Car fridge market in China Articles vehicle cooler truly into the homegrown market, contrasted with a variety of GPS, vehicle sound, sun security film, vehicle cooler is as yet a sort of specialty products. However, as of late, deals development in the vehicle cooler rapidly and makers from around 30 of every 1997, arrived at in excess of 300 now, the market prospect.

Shang and P Counseling hardware industry investigators accept that when the vehicle sound market is confronting pressures from the strategy and inside the business, vehicle cooler market is slowly awakening to enter the market development stage. Obviously, the course of improvement, vehicle fridge industry is confronting its own advancement issues:

To start with, the purchasers of their mental issues. The personalities of shoppers and vehicle sound and route items, vehicle cooler proprietors in the nation is still in a comprehension and endeavoring to attempt to be the phase of perception.

Second, the cost is more costly blower fridge. Semiconductor fridge with energy saving and ecological security, commotion free, lightweight, minimal expense (market cost is between $ 200-1000) and different benefits, is at present available standard items, however semiconductor cooler diversion than commonsense in the mid year, had short the temperature is less ready to feel cool, will undoubtedly be great steadiness, great cooling impact of the blower fridge supplanted. Blower fridge just cooling capability, the cooling limit can be – 18 ° C, the temperature can be divided, hard to harm, numerous extravagance vehicles and weighty trucks are utilized blower fridge, however its cost is similar volume of semiconductor cooler in excess of multiple times the cost is somewhat costly.

Third, the offer of occasional limitations. Summer request season, winter request is altogether decreased.

As per the warning delivered at this point S and P China Vehicle cooler statistical surveying report (2011) show that vehicle fridge there are numerous issues in the improvement of the homegrown contest isn’t normalized, brand focus is low, customers mental blunders. Be that as it may, with the homegrown vehicle possession and the improvement of expectations for everyday comforts and changes in individuals’ utilization idea, vehicle cooler will undoubtedly introduce a subjective jump Vehicle Gadgets Specialists of Japan the world’s driving power level, the creators of vehicle general media field of global industry principles Ichikawa Nobuo joining Europe and China group ruled the Experts Series for I and the Bosses Series an age and different items created mercedes benz blue ray player under his administration. After almost three years of difficult work of the R and D group to tackle China’s auto hardware industry, the most challenging to beat the impedance, temperature, steadiness and residue issues, Experts Series items have arrived at global high degree of vehicles in quality and sound quality, and advance Europe and China brand set out on the quick street of value improvement, brand building. The accompanying PCauto everybody will cooperate to encounter the Experts Series II age achieved Ichikawa, Mr. Nobuo we fabricate another nature of a devoted machine. camper refrigerator