Getting a divorce can be an emotionally and financially stressful time. A divorce mediator can help couples plan their future in a more rational way outside of court. Choosing a qualified divorce mediator who understands your unique circumstances is essential for achieving a resolution that puts you and your children first.

Family law attorneys and therapists who have worked with divorcing couples may be able to recommend mediators. They may also be able to provide you with references or recommendations from other clients. In addition, a quick online search can yield results for local mediators. Type in keywords such as “divorce mediation,” your city, state or zip code to find a local mediator.

When determining if you should hire a divorce mediator, you should ask them what types of cases they typically handle. Many mediators specialize in either civil or family disputes or both. Some only practice divorce mediation, while others only mediate child custody cases or other family-related issues. You should also determine whether the mediator is a full-time practitioner. If the mediator only practices mediation as a part-time endeavor, you should consider this a red flag as it means they don’t mediate as many cases each year, which can make staying up-to-date on changes in divorce laws and procedures difficult.

A successful mediation requires a highly-skilled mediator who has excellent communication and conflict resolution skills. A compassionate and empathetic personality is also important in creating a comfortable mediation environment. In addition, a mediator should be neutral and impartial in the process, which allows parties to identify areas of mutual agreement.

In addition to these core qualifications, there are several other things you should look for in a good divorce mediator. For example, if you have an older spouse with significant pensions and investments, you should choose a mediator who has experience handling complicated financial issues. In addition, if you are LGBTQ, you should select a mediator who has extensive experience working with same-sex couples.

If you are considering divorce, a free mediation is available for New York City residents through a partnership with the judicial administration of the city’s civil courts. There are one or more Community Dispute Resolution Centers in each of the five boroughs.

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