If your conservatory is getting old or damaged then you might want to consider a replacement roof. A leaking roof is not only damaging to the structure itself but also to the furniture and belongings within. With a new roof you will eliminate this issue and ensure your conservatory is safe to use all year round.

Roofing Megastore have an extensive range of options available for those looking to replace their conservatory roof. Our polycarbonate sheets can be used in conjunction with suitable glazing bars to provide an insulated and lightweight option. We also have a variety of different roof tiles which can be used to create a more traditional look. Our experts can help you select the perfect option for your existing conservatory design.

A popular choice, glass roofs are a great way to keep the natural light flowing through your conservatory. Often better insulators than polycarbonate, our quality glass roofs will help you to lower your energy bills throughout the year. Glass is available in a range of different colours, from blue-tinted which helps to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your conservatory through to clearer options which are great for those who love the outdoor feel.

Solid roofs are more substantial than the alternatives, meaning they will add a lot of weight to the structure. This will require additional reinforcement to ensure that the walls of your conservatory are strong enough to handle the extra stress. However, a tiled or solid roof will increase your usable space, and can help you to get more use out of your conservatory throughout the year. Conservatory roof replacement