Dometic has been a powerhouse in the RV, marine, and overland market for decades. They are known for their quality components and are a trusted brand. They also have the advantage of a global distribution network and economies of scale, which helps keep their prices competitive.

The Fridge Defend is a patented, automatic temperature monitoring device that protects your dometic or Norcold cooling unit from premature failure and failure due to overheating by shutting off the heater that drives the refrigeration process when it senses temperatures above normal. This is an important feature that neither the standard thermofuse (thermal switch) nor the high-temperature sensor can claim to offer.

Inhibitor 7 is a corrosion inhibitor that has been developed in-house by Dometic through scientific and patent literature surveillance, and with external co-operation, and it has been tested on a long-term basis in running absorption fridges. The results have shown that the inhibitor performs as well as sodium chromate in the corrosion inhibition of carbon steel cooling systems.

The consequence of discontinuing the use of sodium chromate by 2029 would be significant for Dometic: A maximum of 55 jobs at Dometic’s European factories could be lost; there is the risk that the company’s competitiveness and market share could suffer; and it could not fulfil its legal obligation to supply legacy parts. In addition, building a new production facility in China in order to continue using sodium chromate would be extremely expensive. norcold camper ac