Fenben powder is a deworming medication that can be used for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, fur-bearing animals and carnivores. It is also a broad-spectrum anthelmintic and works well to treat many types of parasites including lung worms, stomach nematodes, and tapeworms. It is an anthelmintic in the class called “benzimidazole carbamate” and has been widely used for about six decades.

This fenbendazole powder is specially prepared to provide an easy and convenient dosage form for administering to horses. The preparation method includes adding cyclodextrin into water and heating it to dissolve. The solution is then cooled to precipitate a solid, and the solid is filtered, dried, and crushed to obtain a fenbendazole soluble powder.

Although there has been limited research on fenbendazole and pancreatic cancer, early studies show that it can potentially slow the spread of pancreatic cancer cells. Researchers believe that fenbendazole may interfere with microtubules, which are structures within cancer cells that allow them to grow and divide. It may also disrupt the ability of cancer cells to metabolize sugar, a process that is required for them to survive.

Despite this promising research, we do not endorse Joe Tippens cancer protocol nor do we recommend this product as a cure for any disease. As with any new medications, it is important to consult your veterinarian before beginning a treatment plan. fenben powder