Flat Head Socket Screws
Socket screws, also called Hex Socket Cap Screws or Allen bolts, are fasteners that combine some of the increased torque and clamping force provided by more robust hex fastener types such as a nut and bolt with the convenience and ease of use of standard socket head screws. This middle ground allows them to be used in applications where a nut and bolt cannot be installed, but the added performance of hex fasteners is required.

The hex socket head has six stress bearing sides, which increases the overall torque capacity of these fasteners when compared to other screw types such as Phillips heads or slotted screws. These screws are primarily used in industrial production and assembly lines and in automotive, furniture manufacturing and machine tooling applications, but they can be found in many other environments as well.

These high-strength, low-profile screws are a good choice for applications that require a strong, secure fastener with a flush mount to the fastening surface. They can be used in projects that have moving parts or other items that may pass over the fastened area as they move, because their flat heads sit lower and are less apt to catch on those objects.

These screws have a threaded shank with a hexagonal (hex) internal drive built into the head, making them easy to tighten and loosen using an Allen wrench or hex key. This feature sets them apart from other screw head drive styles such as phillips and slotted heads, and it allows them to be used with the same manual tools that are typically utilized for other hex screw sizes. Flat Head Socket Screws