Spare tires are a valuable investment, and they need to be protected from UV sun damage and extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, hard spare tire covers can help you accomplish these goals with ease and style.

These covers feature a molded plastic face plate sewn to a heavy-duty vinyl band. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit any vehicle with a rear-mounted spare tire.


Whether your RV is parked or moving down the road, a spare tire cover can help keep the tires clean and protected from damage. These covers offer protection from harsh UV rays that can break down the rubber over time, and they also keep debris and dirt from building up on the tire while it isn’t in use.

These covers come in a variety of styles, including camouflaging anti-theft models, denim and vinyl designs that feature eye-catching graphics, and more. They are available in sizes that fit most RVs, including Hummer H2 & H3, Jeep Wrangler & Liberty, and Toyota FJ Cruiser & Rav4.

Some models even include a metal lock to make it more difficult for enterprising thieves to access your RV’s spare tire. This is an excellent way to protect your expensive spare tire and prevent it from being stolen while you are away. Keeping your spare tire clean and protected will help it last longer, so it’s a smart investment for any RV owner. Moreover, it will add a touch of style and personality to your vehicle’s rear profile.


The harsh weather elements of sunlight and cold can damage spare tires, so it’s important to protect them with a tire cover. These covers will provide protection from UV rays and keep the spare safe from rain, snow, and wind. They can also come with a discreet locking system to prevent theft and give the driver peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking for a hard or soft cover, it’s best to select one that fits your spare tire’s diameter exactly. This will help ensure a snug fit that keeps the tire protected and prevents water, dirt, or other items from getting trapped. You can find a spare tire size calculator on the internet to help you determine the precise measurement.

A good quality tire cover can last a year or more, but if you’re going to spend more than $20, you’ll want to consider choosing an option with a higher-quality material. These covers usually have a sturdy outer layer that can resist scuffing or scratches, and they are often designed to be moisture-resistant, so they won’t become brittle over time.

This tire cover by ADCO is a durable choice that’s affordable and comes in multiple sizes to fit many different tires. It’s UV-treated and cold crack treated to withstand harsh conditions and has an elastic back hem that tightens to provide a secure fit. It’s also scratch-resistant, lightweight, and has a three-year warranty.

Ease of Installation

The molded black plastic face of this cover is sewn to a soft vinyl band, providing superior protection for your spare tire. It also offers easy slip-on installation and tightens in the back with an elastic cord or rope for a snug fit. The material is also UV-resistant to protect the wheel from sun damage. It is best to let the cover stretch out and relax before trying to install it, as forcing it can result in ripping.

This cover is ideal for keeping your Jeep Wrangler’s spare tire protected from the elements. It features a convenient zipper to easily access the tire, and it is available in multiple sizes to ensure a perfect fit. It is designed to work with the original factory soft top and offers a sleek look that complements other Mopar accessories. It is lightweight and water resistant.

The padded liner helps to cushion the impact of bumps and scrapes, so it can be used on rough terrains. The cover is also water-resistant and abrasion resistant, so it will last for a long time. It is made of a heavy-duty waterproof fabric that is easy to clean, and it fits most standard tires. The cover is also aesthetically pleasing and looks great with most colors and styles of vehicles. It also provides a good level of security against theft, thanks to its latches.


A spare tire cover not only protects the valuable tire you keep in case of a roadside emergency, it also serves as an automotive accessory that adds style to your vehicle. JEGS stocks an assortment of high-quality and eye-catching covers that are designed to suit your tastes. From camouflaging anti-theft black to denim styles, we have options that are sure to match your vehicle and personality.

Rigid Series(tm) Spare Tire Covers

Heav-duty black textured ABS plastic faces are sewn to a soft automotive vinyl band for superior protection and an upscale appearance. Easy slip-on installation makes these covers an excellent choice for bus, Eurovan & Vanagon owners who want to keep their spare tires protected from UV sun damage and other environmental elements while enjoying the extra storage space they provide.

This weather-resistant, heavy-duty vinyl cover protects your spare tire from dirt, grime and moisture. It’s engineered to fit 27-inch to 30-inch spare tires and is trimmed with an elastic back hem for a snug, secure, easy-to-install fit. The vented bottom releases excess heat and allows moisture to escape, which extends the life of your spare tire. The cover is also made to withstand harsh highway driving and the high winds you’ll encounter while on Texas toll roads at speeds over 90 mph. A reflective strip on the cover helps reduce tire heat and the risk of a blowout while on the highway.