Talbina is a nutritious, soothing and satisfying porridge which is made by slow cooking barley flour with milk. This is a traditional food and has many health benefits. It is a very good food to consume during illness. It helps to relieve heart pain and improve the digestive system, also strengthens bones and muscles.

Barley has a lot of dietary fibre which promotes satiety and controls appetite, thereby helping in weight management. It also contains high levels of solvent strands, which can help in eliminating excess fat from the body. This in turn reduces your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and supports healthy weight loss.

Its rich nutritional profile, neurotransmitter balancing effects and blood sugar regulation properties make it an excellent natural remedy for depression. It is also known to boost energy and mood and enhance mental wellness.

The dietary fibre of Talbina helps to prevent and treat bowel diseases. It is also helpful in preventing and treating gallstones. It is also a good source of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C which is known to reduce inflammation.

The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) used to take Talbina with him when he travels, as it is beneficial for the stomach. It is recommended to add spices to the Talbina, like ground ginger, cardamom and during colder months, saffron. The key is to cook it slowly until it becomes mushy and sweeten it with honey or dates as required. Talbina