A heat pump dehydrator is a modern drying device that uses air as energy, absorbing the latent heat of the product. It combines the thermal energy from the drying hot air and electric energy from the compressor. This technology saves energy consumption and can reduce the operating cost compared to traditional drying methods. It is a promising technology that can maintain the quality of fruit and vegetables during the drying process and help the sub-Saharan Africa to achieve the sustainable development goal.

Various studies have been carried out on the application of heat pump drying to obtain high quality dried products. Several studies have shown that heat pump dryers can provide better quality of fruits and vegetables compared to other drying systems such as natural sunlight, cabinet or tunnel dryers. The key attributes of higher quality are microbial safety, improved colour, vitamin C retention, aroma and flavor compounds, and rehydration. The rehydration ratio of heat pump dried tomato slices was found to be better than that of sun-dried and cabinet-dried slices.

The FD 60 from Nyle System is designed to meet small dehydration requirements with a large chamber capable of holding up to 18 racks and removing up to 24 lbs of water per hour. The unit utilizes a unique reversible flow design and a variable air speed to ensure optimum results.

In addition, the FD 225 from Nyle System is ideal for large scale dehydration needs. It has a large chamber that can hold up to 138 racks and remove up to 145 lbs of water per hour. The FD 225 utilizes a powerful and efficient two-stage heat pump to ensure the highest levels of moisture removal while maintaining superior food quality. Its reversible flow design and adjustable air speed allow for optimal results and maximum productivity. heat pump dehydrator