If you were just arrested or ticketed for your first driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense in St. Louis or Missouri you are probably now dealing with a problem that you know little about. This article addresses DWIs in Missouri only.

A DWI ticket is a serious ticket and it should be handled by a DWI attorney. A first time DWI conviction can be a B Misdemeanor and will also put 8 points on your Missouri License.

This article contains three important aspects of a driving while intoxicated (DWI) ticket that you should be aware of right after getting a DWI. IMPORTANT: This article DOES NOT cover everything that you need to know about your DWI ticket.

The first piece of information you need to know is that you must act quick in order to protect your license. If you submitted to chemical testing, you have fifteen (15) days to request an Administrative Hearing. If you miss this deadline your license will be suspended for ninety (90) days. If you refused chemical testing, you have thirty (30) days to file a Petition for Review. If you do not file a Petition for Review, your driving privileges will be suspended for one year. An attorney should be contacted for more information about the Administrative Hearing and Petition for Review. Each of these processes have individual rules and laws that an attorney will be knowledgeable on.

The second thing to be aware of is that it is not the end of the world. A DWI counselor and attorney will help you deal and cope with the particulars of your case, but be aware that your life is by no means over. Receiving any type of traffic ticket can be very stressful and that is particularly true of a Missouri DWI ticket. Many people have received DWIs in St. Louis, the surrounding counties, and Missouri – you do not need to feel like you are the only one.

The third point is that a trial is not necessary for most DWI cases. The cost of a trial can be quite prohibitive and many people do not want to deal with the stresses of one anyway. The majority of first-time DWI cases can be beneficially resolved without a trial. However, in some cases and under some circumstances a trial might be beneficial to you. It is almost impossible to make this determination on your own, though, and that is also why you should contact a DWI lawyer to review your case with you. injury lawyer