Fire prevention is a good issue for consideration by committee of your local equine organization. Concerned horse owners and owners with experience in emergency planning may be willing to become part of a committee. Develop a barn escape plan to get horses out safely with minimal injury.

Steps to Prevent Injuries and Recovery of Horses

• Review the design of a proposed barn, point out structural problems and propose solutions.

• Review your existing barn and provide recommendations for making it safer.

• Help organize and perhaps participate in regularly scheduled fire drills.

• Display the escape route in the barn and give a copy to the owners of all boarders.

• Have your horse microchipped for easy identification.

• Have a fire drill every 6-12 months

• Help train fire fighters in horse handling.

• Organize the equipment necessary to fight fires.

Reducing Fire Hazards in Your Barn

• Enforce a “NO SMOKING” policy in or around the barn

• Store feed, paint, solvents, gasoline and gasoline-powered equipment away from the barn

• Maintain flashlights, spare batteries and a battery-powered AM radio in case of power loss.

• Keep well-stocked human and equine first-aid kits in your barn

• Make sure all electrical cords are in good repair and not frayed. Exposed wires can be an extreme fire hazard.

• Turn off radios when no one is present in the barn.

• Maintain several fire extinguishers, fire hoses and a working sprinkler system in the barn. Test the equipment regularly and be sure barn personnel know how to operate the fire extinguishers.

• Have a halter and lead rope readily available for each horse in every stall, paddock or pasture.

• Have a backup generator if your water is pumped by an electric pump.

• Alert your neighbors to the presence of horses. Tell them who to call if you can’t get to your animals in the event of a fire.

• Maintain a list of emergency telephone numbers and written directions to your barn at your telephone so that everybody can call for help and provide information to emergency personnel. fire fighting water nozzle