We all deal with units of measurement on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s just converting from one unit to another, and other times we need to use different conversion tools for more advanced operations. In this article we’ll be demonstrating how to convert gallons per minute to teaspoons per second using a simple calculator.

Gallons per minute, or more commonly known as GPM, measures how much liquid passes a given cross-sectional area in a certain time period. It is not to be confused with pressure, which measures the amount of force exerted on a given surface. GPM is an important factor when choosing a water pump for a variety of applications, such as irrigation and home water systems.

There are several ways to determine the GPM of a water source. One method is to simply measure how long it takes for a bucket of water to fill up, and divide that time by the volume of the container. Another way is to measure the flow rate of a water source by using a stopwatch and measuring how many seconds it takes for the water to go from one end of a hose to the other. Finally, one can also use a pressure tank to measure the GPM.

To calculate the GPM of a water supply, first find out the pressure in pounds per square inch (psi). Next, subtract atmospheric pressure from this value, and multiply it by the density of the fluid. Lastly, divide the result by 60, and you will have the GPM in gallons per minute! gpm to lpm converter