Whipped Soap is a soap base that is whipped to create a fluffy texture that feels luxurious on the skin. It is also a great alternative to liquid and bar soaps as it can be used on the body, and is particularly well-suited for shaving. Whipped soaps often have a higher moisture content, so they feel luxuriously soft on the skin and offer a rich lather for a clean that feels like a spa experience.

The key to creating a whipped soap is using hard oils (like shea butter) and non-greasy humectants, such as glycerin. This helps to ensure that the soap will remain creamy and fluffy, even after being saponified by lye. The addition of humectants to the soap base also allows it to absorb more water and hold a higher moisture content, which will prevent the whipped soap from dehydrating or becoming a gritty, coarse soap.

We use SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate), which is a mild, solid surfactant derived from coconut oil. We then add a very small amount of Coco Betaine, which is a gentle, liquid, secondary surfactant. Once this has been added, we gently whisk the soap mix to incorporate air into the dense base, turning it into a light and fluffy mixture that is ready to be poured.

After the soap has been whipped, we then add fragrance, color and additives such as clays or glycerin. Our whipped soaps typically ship in 8oz jars and weigh between 4.5oz – 5oz. They can be stored in a cool, dry place and will last for several weeks to a couple months when used regularly. Best Whipped Soap