Welding Cast iron is generally an unpredictable mess. It doesn’t matter to me what your identity is.

There are such countless various grades that things are made of and it isn’t generally obvious which one you are going to weld.

There are approaches to telling, similar to start testing yet I presently can’t seem to see anybody who could let one know sort of iron projecting from one more by flash testing.

So why is solid metal so difficult to weld? Since it has a metric ton of carbon in it. Consider this for a minute…Tool prepares contain around 1% carbon and are viewed as challenging to weld in light of unnecessary solidifying and, surprisingly, breaking issues.

Project iron contains north of 2% carbon and now and again up to 4 percent. At the point when that much carbon is available in iron, it solidifies without any problem. However, all that carbon fills a need… it transforms into graphite and that really fills a need as an oil on chamber walls of a burning motor.

In any case, for welding, all that carbon and graphite is terrible. Carbon in those rates cause solidifying of the weld metal and encompassing intensity impacted region. To exacerbate the situation, cast iron is extremely fragile.

It doesn’t twist, it breaks. It could be great for motor blocks, yet it is erratic under load.

Back to tig welding filler rod types cast . What is the best pole to conquer the unreasonable measure of carbon present in the cast iron base metal? The most well known decision in circular segment welding bars is by all accounts nickel poles additionally called ni bar. Yet, tests have shown that for tig welding cast iron, aluminum Bronze is a generally excellent decision.

Aluminum Bronze. that’s right, you heard me, these tig welding poles turn out perfect for tig welding iron castings.

Lets check the reason why out…

1. The weld store won’t solidify from high carbon content.

2. The cementing weld metal doesn’t have high shrinkage stresses to make the metal break close to welded regions.

3. aluminum bronze tig welding poles are nearly pretty much as solid as steel

4. when welded on A/C, these Al bronze tig welding poles stream and wet effectively and accomplish a base measure of weakening from the cast iron base metal. that is dependably something worth being thankful for.

5. aluminum bronze tig welding poles are a lot less expensive than nickel bars.

A decent way to use this pole on welding iron castings is to set the gtaw machine on A/C very much like you would weld aluminum. That will let the bronze filler metal stream without blending a lot of the iron and carbon into the weld.