It solutions for smbs are designed to help small businesses navigate the challenges of growing their IT environments, staying on top of changing technology trends and digitally empowering employees at scale. For many companies, bringing all the necessary IT capabilities in-house on a full time basis is not financially feasible, and waiting until disaster strikes to hire for emergency IT services or data recovery can be costly.

In order to meet SMB needs, service providers need to understand their unique challenges and provide a customized experience. For example, some SMBs do not like purchasing bundled IT products that have not been tailored to their needs, instead preferring best-of-breed products with flexible pricing options.

SMBs also tend to rely on their IT teams to be an important factor in making tech-buying decisions. In fact, a majority of SMBs have moved away from a federated model where all business owners or CFOs make the final decision to a central IT department that has more input and influence on purchases.

This shift is due to the fact that SMBs often have smaller IT teams and must shuffle their busy schedules around to take on new tech tasks, such as optimizing, supporting and testing tools, adding additional workflows and managing new systems in addition to their day-to-day workloads. As a result, generating and automating support and integration solutions that enable SMBs to quickly take up products without increasing their IT team sizes is an extremely effective way to drive product adoption.