Law Tutors provide one-on-one lessons online or in-person, helping students pass their classes and ace their exams. A tutor can teach students the basics and help them with more complex topics, focusing on individual needs and making learning fun. A good tutor can help students improve their grades, no matter how low they are. They have extensive knowledge of case law and can help students make their own outlines, which is a huge time-saver. They can also go over previous papers or exams and provide tips for outlining, studying and memorization techniques, mnemonics, and even a few practice quizzes or exams.

Often, law tutors are either recent graduates looking to make some extra money on the side or experienced lawyers who are well-versed in the field and love teaching. Those with more experience tend to charge more, as do those who work in major cities due to the cost of living. However, many tutors price by the hour and make it easy to find a great deal for your budget.

To get a Law tutor, simply post a task on Airtasker with the details of your need. Make sure to include your location and whether you’d like in-person or virtual sessions. You can also indicate the subject(s) you’d like to focus on (e.g. property or international law), then wait for offers. When you’ve found a Tasker who matches your requirements, select them and start getting the support you need to pass those classes or ace that bar exam. Law Tutors