Before the millions of players, the billions in revenue and esports tournaments that attract 100 million viewers, League of Legends was more of an idea than a game. Its creators, a team of a few dozen people led by co-founder Marc Merrill and founder Brandon Beck, envisioned a multiplayer video game with an innovative combat system that would empower gamers to become heroes in their own right.

It’s an ideal that has resonated with many gamers, and it has made League of Legends one of the most popular games in history. But the story behind this game is far more complicated than its simple concept and basic gameplay. It’s a story of hard work and wild leaps of faith, of a game that was created with a unique goal in mind that has become “more than just a game,” but also a powerful platform for learning, connection and community.

In this episode of Lecture, NicoThePico, former LCS coach, breaks down the 3 most important aspects of League of Legends for those who are dedicated to achieving high levels of improvement or breaking into the competitive eSports scene. The first of these is sleep. This is essential for a healthy body and mind, and it helps you focus on learning and understanding the game more efficiently. It also helps you avoid making mistakes that could cost you the game or your rank. The second aspect is understanding how to play your champion. This is where a lot of players struggle because it requires an understanding of the basics of the champion, such as their abilities and their role within the team. 롤대리