Growing your own magic mushrooms at home is easier than ever thanks to a number of kits that simplify the cultivation process. These kits provide a ready-to-use package of substrate that has already been inoculated with mushroom spores and come with simple instructions to follow. With the right strains, a kit like this can produce a full flush of psychedelic shrooms in just a few weeks.

The North Spore grow kit has a great layout for beginners, with instructions printed directly on the box and pictures of what to expect inside. It’s also one of the prettiest kits around, with a black-and-white design that can fit in anywhere, unlike some others that are an eye sore next to your other decor. Another cool feature of this kit is the way it uses a plastic piece that covers the hole where the mushrooms grow, making it more secure and less likely to be contaminated with other fungi than some of its competitors.

Mushroom grow kits are a great choice for those new to the world of psilocybin, or even for anyone who wants a more consistent and reliable source of magic mushrooms than a shady dealer or untrustworthy hippie friend. They’re convenient, easy to use, and make the process of tripping more accessible for everyone. The McKennaii grow kit is a powerful psilocybin strain that’s perfect for those looking for a spiritual connection and intense visuals. This kit includes a B plus strain, which is another cubensis strain that’s known for its large size and high psilocybin concentration, enough to kick you out of this world. Magic mushroom kits