what is measurement based care is a way for health care organizations and clinicians to evaluate their performance and track improvement over time. It uses a variety of tools and technologies to gather data on clinical process, structure, and patient experience.

Medical Quality: The quality of a health service is defined as the ability of a person to receive or obtain a health care intervention that meets or exceeds their expectations. Often, this is measured by the number of times a treatment or intervention leads to positive outcomes.

Healthcare Technology: The use of technology to deliver health care services is an important component of improving the quality and efficiency of health care delivery systems. This may be in the form of equipment, information systems, or communication networks.

Management: A measure of management in the health care field is an activity that improves the quality and efficiency of a health care organization or provider’s services. This may be achieved through better processes, improved training, more efficient equipment, or the implementation of new or improved technologies.

Quality: The quality of a health service relates to the overall effect it has on a person’s health and well-being. These measures may be derived from a variety of sources, such as clinical outcome measurements, cost data, and survey data.

The most interesting measurement is the one that reflects the best overall result. This can be achieved through an exemplary patient experience, a more efficient use of resources, or an increased satisfaction with the quality of care delivered.

Most mental health providers don’t routinely employ this approach, but it’s not hard to find a qualified professional who does. Check with your therapist to see if they offer this practice and how they do it.