Diamonds are a perfect girlfriend, but if you think that special someone in your life deserves a little more sparkle, then you might want to check out a Moissanite engagement ring.

Many are confused between moissanite and diamond; some think they are the same because they look almost the same when it comes to things that are clear and bright. Although they may look alike, diamond and moissanite have major differences such as chemical composition and optics.

When choosing a moissanite engagement ring for your special girl, you need to consider the personality of the recipient. Your goal in giving a moissanite engagement ring is to impress her so much that she agrees to spend the rest of her life with you. Therefore, it is important to choose a ring that will suit your personality well. If your daughter is a simple type of girl, she will probably love a simple ring designed with small bright details.

Another consideration when choosing a moissanite engagement ring is what to wear them with. You can choose between yellow gold, white gold, platinum or palladium. White gold looks simple and beautiful, but if you want to look bright, you can choose yellow gold. Platinum and palladium are also good and, at the same time, more durable than gold. Gemstone cuts and moissanite engagement rings are also something to consider. The brilliant clarity, color and cut of moissanite gemstones will win her heart.

All Lee Bell Designs moissanite jewelry is certified for quality and clarity, color and cut in their unique and beautiful settings to bring you the finest Moissanite engagement rings in the world. More than half a century of expertise in the cosmetic industry is reflected in the limit of your endless creativity.