Online English tutoring entails helping students improve their communication skills, especially in the areas of writing and speaking. These skills are critical for a wide range of educational purposes, from job and university interviews to reading assignments and essays.

English tutors typically work remotely, with students and learners from all over the world. They use videoconferencing software such as Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime to conduct lessons. A reliable computer and a stable Internet connection are essential. Tutors also need a quiet workspace free of distractions. Many companies require applicants to film an introduction video to demonstrate their teaching abilities. You should avoid companies that require you to pay to apply or ask for personal information about yourself, as these may be scams.

In most cases, online English tutoring does not require a bachelor’s degree. However, some of the largest companies require a minimum of a four-year degree. Tutors can find opportunities at many different types of online teaching companies, including BookNook (US only), Preply, iTalki, Cambly, and VIPKID.

Some companies such as iTalki and Cambly are marketplaces where freelance teachers set their own prices. This allows tutors to make more money than if they worked for an agency that pays them a fixed amount per class. Others, such as VIPKID and Qkid, are online schools that hire their teachers directly. These companies usually offer higher wages, but they do not provide health or retirement benefits.