The pen has long been the symbol of modern wisdom. Even in this highly technological age, the writing pen is still a ubiquitous part of the academe and corporate life. Because of the sophistication and astuteness that it conveys, it remains among the favorite corporate giveaways of many companies. If you wish to hand out pens to your employees or to your clients, choose promotional pens that you can have customized to fit your preferences. Pick among the sleek and elegant colors and styles to represent your enterprise.

There is a wide selection of styles to choose from – classical metal marble, David metal twist action and the executive gold metal are only a few. Promotional Pens come in ballpoint, roller, satin roller and gel.

You may decide to have your company name, logo or slogan either printed or engraved on the metallic casing. Metallic pens are perfect if you wish to send out the message that your company is established and serious about its businesses, such as banks, hotels and universities.

On the other hand, if you want to have fun with your Promotional Pens, there are plastic pens that come in really cool designs and innovations. There is the 4-color pen, the Aussie flag ballpoint pen, and the carabiner key ring pen, to name a few. You can have your company details printed on the plastic casing, or a really awesome message that you’d wish to send out. Now, if you want to pack more punch into your pen, why not get a radio pen, a pen that has a built-in radio? The radio pen is great for getting entertained while jotting important notes. goodies entreprise