The company is a ptfe hose manufacturer offering PTFE-lined hoses that can handle high temperatures, chemicals and liquids. They can also be used for food and beverage applications. Their ptfe hose is non-stick, easy to clean and resists bacterial growth. It is also resistant to oxidation and rust. Their PTFE is FDA-approved for use in contact with foods. They also offer a hose that is kink-resistant and durable.

PTFE hoses are generally more expensive than rubber or thermoplastic hoses, but offer lower lifecycle costs when all factors are taken into consideration. In addition, they are typically more flexible and can operate over a wider temperature range than their rubber counterparts. They also have a much higher chemical resistance and can withstand vibration and seismic disturbances.

A PTFE hose can be designed with a variety of end fittings including swivel connections, straight or elbow fittings and flanged connections. They can be supplied in long lengths allowing for fewer joints and reducing waste. They are also suitable for a wide variety of operating pressures.

The ptfe hoses manufactured by Bangalore companies are in high demand due to the city’s flourishing industrial sector. These hoses are essential to many of these industries for safe and reliable transfer of fluids, gases and chemicals. PTFE plain and convoluted hoses are popular choices in the industry because of their excellent temperature resistance, chemical compatibility, non-contamination properties and low coefficient of friction. Moreover, these hoses can be designed to dissipate electrostatic charges. ptfe hose manufacturer