Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced fitness participant looking to re-balance your body & mind, reformer pilates wollongong is a great way to strengthen, tone and improve your overall health. The Pilates method of exercise uses a variety of props to create a unique and effective workout that challenges the entire body while building flexibility and core strength. The studio offers a range of classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced with group sessions kept to a maximum of 5 people to ensure you get tailored attention and achieve the results you’re after.

The Wellness Centre’s instructors use a mindful movement approach to their classes which promotes body awareness. They believe that when you perform Pilates correctly with a qualified teacher, it helps the body to re-learn how to move at its most optimal level. They also offer Pre-Natal classes to help support the mother during pregnancy and postnatal classes to re-introduce the body back to a pre-pregnancy body shape, balance & control.

They have a large number of class options available to suit all lifestyles including a ‘Clinical Pilates’ class, that is designed for those who want to get back into their bodies after injury or those with ongoing health concerns. These classes are very specific and work to address individual issues and provide a high level of supervision & support to reduce the risk of injury or re-aggravation.

Another option is the ‘Barre Fit’ class which is a fun, high intensity low impact workout that combines ballet and Pilates principles choreographed to upbeat music. There is a focus on form and correct technique as well as a strong emphasis on the correct breathing techniques.

There is also a ‘Cardio U’ class which is a high-intensity cardio training session. This workout is a mix of intervals where you train to reach your target heart rate followed by recovery periods. This type of training is very effective at reducing fat and creating lean muscle.

You can book a class with the studio using their app or online booking system. They have a range of casual passes, packs and memberships to suit all budgets. The app makes it super easy to book treatments with all the details, prices and times visible in one place. Say goodbye to appointment cards! You can also book a massage or other treatment with the same app. Say hello to a happier and healthier you!