Silver Cloth is a specially impregnated 100% cotton cloth that polishes and takes care of silver, silver-plated items and precious jewellery. It removes tarnish from rings, necklaces and bracelets easily and without scratches and gives back the sparkle to dull and oxidized jewellery. It also removes dust and dirt from brooches, watches and earrings. Silver Cloth is easy to use and cleans quickly. It is reusable and can be used over and over again as long as it is not washed or dry cleaned.

Silvercloth is embedded with thousands of tiny particles of silver which catch tarnish-causing gases and prevent them from reaching the silver articles stored inside. Silvercloth is reusable and can be wiped clean but should be replaced as soon as it becomes completely black. Pacific Silvercloth is non-toxic and safe to use for your silver.

The results of a series of tests conducted on silver-coated fabrics reveal that higher concentrations of precursor and longer sonication times result in stable and sturdy coatings with lower liberation of silver. It is speculated that the metallic bonding between the silver nitrate and fabrics as well as the physical interaction between the silver particles result in the lower liberation of silver. The silver-coated fabrics also demonstrate high antibacterial and antiviral activity.

To extend the life of your silver cloth, store it in a closed storage chest or case with a silica gel product that absorbs moisture from the air. Moisture accelerates tarnishing and is the primary cause of silver deterioration.