Despite being illegal in Australia, many performance and image-enhancing drugs are freely available in Thailand where laws are more relaxed. This is fuelling a lively black market and creating health and legal risks for those who use them.

“Stroids are a major problem here,” says one amateur bodybuilder who splits his time between his home in Brisbane and Pattaya, which has become a popular destination for bodybuilding vacationers from Australia. He describes how many of them are mindless young people who want to push their bodies to the extreme. They’re willing to put themselves in danger of getting a variety of long-lasting and potentially fatal health problems such as kidney failure, alopecia, virilisation and infertility.

The problem is that the pharmacists who sell steroids in Thailand don’t strictly follow the law. Unlike in Australia where pharmacists are required to obtain a prescription before selling the drug, Thai pharmacists usually just give it out for a small fee, he says. This is a practice which could end up being quite dangerous as it is against the law to dispense a dangerous drug for off-label use, which means it is being used for muscle building purposes rather than its intended medical use.

While most of the steroids in Thailand are sold legally, there have been some cases of producers adulterating their products by adding synthetic ingredients such as steroids into the mix. The good news is that it’s possible to find a quality product made from all natural ingredients without any adulterants, if you are looking hard enough. This is why it’s so important to always do your research and choose a reliable retailer or establishment that can guarantee their products are 100% authentic. Steroids Thailand