If you want curls that bounce, define, pop with a little sass and have a bit of an edge then this is your salon. Jess is a curly hair specialist and aims to empower her clients to embrace their natural wavy, coiled or twisted locks. She uses a deconstructed method of dry cutting to create shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type, personal features and personality. She also offers a hydration service that educates and coaches her clients in how to keep their curls hydrated at home.

Hermiz is a Melbourne curly hair specialist who loves all things kinks, swirls and coils. He believes the best way to style textured hair is by giving it it’s natural shape with minimal styling and using the right products to maintain healthy curls. He is not your standard slap-dash hairdresser – he takes each consultation as seriously as an artist and an easel!

A true curly hair specialist is someone who understands that each person’s kinks, waves and curls have unique characteristics that require specialised care. A specialist doesn’t just cut your hair and give you the same look everyone else gets – they take into consideration your lifestyle, how much time you can be bothered spending on your hair in the morning, and your hair goals so that you can live with and love your kinks, waves and curls for longer. Whether you’re looking for a stylist who can lighten your old colour, fix up a botched home hair dye job or simply want to maintain the health of your curls, we have the best salons in Melbourne that are curly (and wavy and textured) hair approved. melbourne curly hair salon