From corny puns to one-liners, the best dad jokes are sure to make your kids laugh (or groan). These cheesy dad jokes will bring a smile to any face. Whether it’s a funny food pun or a silly animal joke, these jokes will have your students rolling their eyes, laughing out loud, and even asking for more.

While many people think of dad jokes as a form of low-brow humor that only the most unrefined people enjoy, researchers have found that dad jokes are actually quite humorous on their own. The reason behind this is that dad jokes can be viewed as a type of weaponised anti-humour that’s used to teasingly annoy and embarrass people in a playful way.

Dad jokes can also be seen as a way for fathers to bolster their masculinity by showing off their capacity for humour. In fact, some research suggests that the use of dad jokes may have evolved as a parenting strategy to help children develop a sense of masculinity by exposing them to a mild form of humiliation.

With that in mind, here are some of the best dad jokes we’ve ever heard. Knock knock. Who’s there? Tank. Tank who?