The floating fire pump is designed to give the operator a fast source of water from lakes, ponds or other bodies of water. This portable pump floats on the surface of the water and features dual carrying handles, a spark suppression collar and automatic recoil starter. This lightweight pump also stores easily in most truck compartments.

Floating pumps are widely applied by rescue services. They enjoy a high reputation among main group of recipients – firefighters, but they are also appreciated by municipal service workers, foresters, builders – everywhere, where they need pumping water. Small dimensions and optimum capacity make them perfect for emergency situations, when time is precious and efficiency matters. Combustion engine drive allows use of these water pumps in places without access to electricity grid. They are also ideal for filling vehicle tanks in fire position, as well as emergency irrigation or dehydration of agricultural areas.

This portable float pump comes in 6 horsepower and 13 horsepower versions and includes a pump casing made from aluminum alloy bolted to the unsinkable float. It requires only 4 inches of water to draft and features an engine overspeed control switch, self-adjusting mechanical seal and a bronze impeller.

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