When we first consider adding a conservatory to our home,Guest Posting more often than not we think of thick, white UPVC plastic conservatories that can often look out of place, particularly when the exterior of our home consists of light and dark shades of wood.  Hardwood conservatories can provide an attractive and appealing alternative. These sophisticated and classy extensions are not a new design, they date right back to the Victorian era when they were used to grow plants and seeds brought back from warmer climates. These days we are more likely to use a greenhouse for this purpose. How do I choose the right type of wooden conservatory?When choosing a hardwood conservatory for your home, a key and difficult decision is selecting a particular style. There are several varieties of wood designs to choose from. These can include traditional and classic designs that incorporate styles from the Victorian, Elizabethan and Edwardian eras and modern designs that can be created in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your home.  Hardwood conservatories allow you to combine traditional elegance with modern advantages. Contemporary features such as double glazing, enables these sophisticated extensions to provide incredibly comfortable lounge, office, dining, kitchen or family rooms.  Modern paint finishes will also render these contemporary creations virtually maintenance free. How will I benefit from choosing a hardwood conservatory?There are many reasons why hardwood conservatories are a beneficial choice. Like all conservatories, hardwood conservatories will allow you to increase your living space by adding an attractive and profitable extension to your home. Natural timbers are also aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient with a low U value. Believe it or not hardwood conservatories much more environmentally friendly compared to UPVC conservatories as there is much less energy is used in working wood and using older trees and planting new ones in their place helps to reduce carbon dioxide in the environment. Why not add a hardwood orangery to your home?Often a popular choice is the hardwood orangery. These provide greater warmth and privacy as the construction of an orangery involves less glass and more wood compared to the traditional conservatory. The hardwood orangery dates back to the sixteenth century when they were used to grow oranges during the harsh winters of Northern Europe. Like a conservatory these designs provide rooms full of natural light whilst also providing a great deal of privacy. Do I really need a hardwood conservatory?The majority of people use conservatories as dining rooms perhaps because they have a small kitchen or would like a formal dining area for special occasions. However, the hardwood conservatory and orangery can have a wide range of uses. Why not create a breakfast room or bar area? These days conservatories can be any shape or size you desire. The ‘Lean To Conservatory’ will generally suit any house as it is the smallest style of conservatory and can be placed on either the side or rear of your home. These conservatories are also ideal DIY builds due to their simple designs. Whatever style of conservatory you choose be sure to purchase your design from a well established supplier who can help with any queries you may have and suggest the best builders in your area.  conservatories swansea