Tungsten is one of the toughest metals on Earth, but what many people don’t know is that this material can be crafted into gorgeous jewelry. Unlike more traditional materials like silver and gold, tungsten never ages or loses its shine, and it’s also virtually scratch-resistant. For this reason, tungsten rings are perfect for men and women who want to find a durable, modern alternative to their everyday wedding bands.

Mens tungsten rings are available in a variety of stylish designs, including inlaid tungsten rings that combine the strength of tungsten with the richness of precious metal. These rings can feature Koa wood inlays that showcase the beauty of the Hawaiian tree, carbon fiber inlays accentuated with blue diamonds, or silver inlays that provide a stunning contrast to black diamonds. Other tungsten rings for men feature sleek, silver-gray bands that create a sharp backdrop to clear diamonds and brushed finishes that offer a more minimalist style.

A tungsten ring wholesale supplier can help you find the right tungsten ring for your lifestyle and budget. However, you should keep in mind that tungsten rings typically cost more than other styles of jewelry. This is because tungsten is much harder than other jewelry metals, so it’s more expensive to produce. In addition, tungsten ring prices can vary by brand. For example, Triton tungsten rings are a premium brand that will cost more than unbranded tungsten jewelry.

Another factor that influences tungsten ring prices is the ring’s design. For example, a tungsten ring with an inlay may be more expensive than a plain tungsten band because inlays require more material to create. Also, some tungsten inlay rings are made from a natural resource, which can increase the price as well. For example, tungsten rings with a koa wood inlay are more expensive than those without this rare and beautiful hardwood.

While tungsten is tough, it’s not as malleable as titanium, which makes resizing a tungsten ring difficult. Furthermore, tungsten can crack or shatter under extreme pressure, whereas titanium will bend rather than break. As a result, it’s essential to know your size before you buy a tungsten ring.

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Tungsten rings for women are growing in popularity, especially as more couples opt to go with a modern alternative to their traditional wedding bands. Tungsten is four times as hard as titanium and ten times as hard as 18k gold, yet it has a more refined, masculine look than traditional metals such as silver or gold. In addition, tungsten is more affordable than precious metals such as gold. This makes it a great choice for couples on a budget or for those who are allergic to other types of jewelry metal. tungsten rings wholesale supplier