Upgrading your conservatory with a solid roof will make it more usable all year round and improve the aesthetics. In many cases, it will also add value to your home as well as providing long term savings on heating bills.

A solid conservatory roof will help to keep the space warm in winter and shield you from the strongest sun in summer. It will make a real difference to how much you enjoy your conservatory. However, the best part is the improved energy efficiency that you can benefit from – saving money on your heating bills with every use.

Whether you opt for a Livinroof, Leka or a traditional tiled roof, the result will be an enhanced living space that feels like a part of your home. You can choose from a wide range of colours and styles for your new replacement roof and you’ll also have the option of installing glazed panels or Velux windows. All of the different roof designs have detailed options available too – including fascias and coloured or traditional tile cappings.

You will not need to have planning permission to install a replacement roof on your conservatory but you should get the building regulations final certificate before you try to sell your property. It is essential that your replacement roof meets the required thermal standards, and that any existing walls and foundations are reinforced to support it. This is particularly important for a large or long lean-to conservatory. solid conservatory roof