What Is a Bitcoin Tumbler?
A Bitcoin tumbler (also known as a mixer) is an external service that helps you keep your cryptos anonymous by mixing them up with other users’ coins. The process obfuscates your transaction history on the blockchain and makes it very difficult to link your coins back to you, no matter where or how you obtained them – be it a crypto exchange, P2P platform, or as a gift.

While most cryptocurrency users rely on Bitcoin tumblers for legitimate reasons, it’s also a very popular tool for people involved in illicit activities such as money laundering and terrorist funding. However, even though cryptocurrencies are supposed to be pseudonymous, the public blockchain allows anyone to trace transactions and wallet addresses with the right analysis tools.

Mixers obfuscate your transaction history by combining your funds with others and redistributing them to new address. This means that the bitcoins you send to the tumbler will be mixed up with a random number of coins from other users before they reach your wallet, making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to track you down.

As with any tool, Bitcoin tumblers should be used sparingly and only for legal purposes. Although the majority of Bitcoin tumblers don’t allow any illegal activities, some do and they may shut down if they receive any complaints from law enforcement authorities or government bodies. So before you use a Bitcoin tumbler, make sure that it has good support and privacy policies. Bitcoin Tumbler