The Zip HydroTap range dispenses pure-tasting chilled, boiling, sparkling and ambient filtered water at the push of a button. Staying hydrated has never been easier or more convenient. Ditch the bottled water and save time by not having to boil a kettle, as well as reduce your energy consumption and plastic waste.

Founded in Australia in 1970, Zip pioneered instant boiling water systems. Today, the company manufactures and markets products in over seventy countries worldwide. The Zip name is synonymous with quality, innovation and superior engineering.

The original Zip Miniboil was the world’s first on-wall instant boiling water heater, and introduced a new level of energy efficiency. In addition, it offered more capacity than any other boiling water system of its time.

Zip is known globally as the innovator of the most advanced drinking water systems, delivering homes and workplaces with instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water. The smart under-bench systems provide a healthier alternative to bottled water, with easy-change, hygienic and proven Zip filters which remove taste, odour, dissolved contaminants and sediments from the water.

The range includes seven ultra-modern taps designed to suit any kitchen style. Each features the latest touch-free technology and is available in a wide range of contemporary colours and finishes. From the elegant curves of the Arc to the sleek lines of the Cube, there is a Zip HydroTap to match your personal taste. zip tap