Your lawyer keeps on ignoring your phone calls

Proper communication between you and your lawyer is very important in a positive turn out of your case. It is also the obligation of your lawyer to keep you informed about the progress of your case.

However, you should not expect your lawyer to communicate with you quite frequently since he might be working on other client’s cases as well. But this does not mean that he is not taking care or your case. He might just be properly allocating his time to serve other people or just limiting his phone calls in order to minimize his service charge especially when he is working on an hourly rate.

If you find your reason for calling urgent, it would be better to put it in writing first and ask for his response. If he fails to act on your request, then you may proceed to calling him by phone. After performing these steps and your lawyer still keeps on ignoring your call, it may be time to dismiss his services and look for a much reliable lawyer.


Before formally hiring a lawyer, it is also advisable to perform a thorough review of the fee agreement. Be sure that you completely understand the manner of payment, either on an hourly rate or on contingency basis. Determine all your monetary obligations to him. Some lawyers may insert other fees on your bills.

Meanwhile, if you have noticed some irregularities on your bills after your case has been settled, have it reviewed by a reputable legal organization that can determine if you are indeed charged fairly. If not, you may also ask them for some recommendations on what proper actions you may pursue.

Your lawyer goes beyond the ethical standards of the legal profession

All lawyers are expected to abide by strict ethical standards. If your lawyer has acted unethically, you may file charges against him and make him face various sanctions such as reprimands or suspensions and disbarment. You may bring your complaint to the Lawyer Disciplinary Office in your respective state.

Your lawyer promised a positive result but it did not happen

Do understand that nobody can tell whether a lawsuit will be successful or not. Even the most credible and well-experienced lawyers lose some cases. The least you can do is to look for the best and most reliable lawyer for your case and see to it that he is doing his job accordingly.

On the other hand, if your lawyer has indeed failed to follow the standard procedures in handling your case, you may seek the aid of a legal malpractice lawyer in your area and file the necessary charges against him.

Firing your lawyer

Keep in mind that you are still in command of your case. If you are not contented with the way your lawyer handles your case, cease his services and look for another lawyer. Nevertheless, you are obliged to inform the court and ask their permission before doing such action. Anwalt