Rechtsanwalt Hattingen is located on Friedrichstrasse and offers legal services in the field of Family law. It is a member of the local notary organization Westfalische Notarkammer and the national notary association Bundesnotarkammer.

AZ-Hattingen takes the protection of your personal data seriously and strictly adheres to the regulations of the German Data Protection Acts. Only those personal data that are absolutely necessary for processing your request will be stored. These data will not be sold or disclosed to third parties. Further details can be found in our privacy statement.

The first settlements in the area of Hattingen can be traced back to the Neolithic period. The town was first mentioned in documents in 1011. Count Adolf von der Mark gave the city of Hattingen municipal law in 1408. In 1530, Hattingen, Blankenstein and Stiepel join the Hanseatic League. The city is fortified with stone walls, defensive towers and five city gates. It also gains the privilege to hold three fairs a year.

Carl Loewenstein was a lawyer by profession and worked at the district court in Hattingen until 1908 when he decided to give up his legal career in order to become an artist. He studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar and developed friendships with artists such as Lily and Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, Wassily Kandisky, Josef Albers and Kurt Schwitters. He exhibited his work in museums and spent periods of time on the island of Ischia in Italy.

Litten’s demolition of Hitler’s argument that the Nazis were a peaceful, democratic movement earned him years of brutal persecution. He was one of the first of the fuehrer’s political opponents to be rounded up after the Nazis assumed power and, even long afterwards, Hitler could not bear to hear his name spoken. The drama and documentary film tell the story of this cantankerous, flawed but ultimately heroic man.

In the field of family law, we offer comprehensive advice on all questions related to divorce, child custody, the separation of spouses and the termination of marriages. We also assist with matters regarding successions and inheritances. Our clients include private individuals, families, business owners and companies of all sizes.

We also advise on international family law matters and provide assistance with the preparation of foreign marriages. In this context, we cooperate closely with the leading family law firms in Germany and abroad.

In addition to our core competencies in the field of family law, we are also able to support you with other legal issues such as real estate, criminal law, inheritance law, intellectual property and the enforcement of judgments in foreign countries. We can also help you with the registration and management of your company. We also offer mediation and arbitration services.