A health and safety awareness course is a training program that provides individuals with the information and knowledge they need to identify and mitigate workplace hazards. It may be mandatory in certain industries and professions or offered voluntarily as a way to promote a positive culture of workplace safety. Regardless of the specifics, a health and safety awareness course can help reduce worker accidents, injuries, and illnesses. This in turn can lead to a more productive work environment and better overall employee morale.

This course teaches learners about basic health and safety laws, what causes accidents, identifying different types of hazards and risks in a range of working environments, and the various control measures that should be put in place to help keep workers safe. It is suitable for those at supervisory or managerial level, as well as those who have responsibility for aspects of health and safety within a business.

This short course explains the dangers of fire, the main reasons why they occur and what steps to take in the event of a fire occurring. It also covers first aid, control of substances hazardous to health, PPE, and manual handling.

This training is aimed at people who work in a care or residential home and explains what hazards are associated with the working environment and how to minimise those risks. It also identifies the common illnesses that can be caused by the working environment and how to prevent them. health and safety awareness course