Heat shrink butt connectors are an essential tool for any electrical project. They create an environmentally sealed connection to safely splice or extend wires in marine, automotive, and outdoor applications. They combine dual seal technology to make your connections waterproof, resistant to vibrations, chemicals, and salt water. The outer polyolefin layer insulates and helps protect against corrosion while the inner adhesive seals to your terminal or splice. Heat shrink butt connectors also offer improved pullout strength and strain relief.

A butt splice connector is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to soldering or using a hot knife. You can find them at most hardware or electronics stores. They come in a variety of sizes to match different wire gauges, and they’re color coded to make it easy to find the right one. They are simple to use and can be applied on site with no additional tools.

If you’re a professional electrician, it’s best to keep an assortment of heat shrink butt connectors and a good crimper in your toolbox. These items can be used to quickly splice or extend damaged wire, repair corroded or rodent-damaged terminals, and help prevent damage from lightning strikes. They’re also a great way to make quick repairs to wires that aren’t in immediate danger of being exposed to water or contaminants.

Insulated butt splice connectors feature a solder ring that melts and flows with heat to provide a secure, water-resistant seal. They’re ideal for connecting two wires of different sizes, and the insulated tubing on each end makes them easier to inspect. They’re available in various gauges to match your wires and have a translucent outer layer that allows you to view the splice before applying heat.

Non-insulated butt splice connectors are made of metal, typically brass, and don’t include insulation. They’re more economical than insulated butt splice connectors and work well in environments where the wires aren’t exposed to moisture or harsh conditions. They’re simple to use, but be sure you strip your wires to the correct size before inserting them into the butt splice connector. You’ll also want to ensure the seam on the splice connector is facing up when you crimp it with your crimper.

A high-quality crimper is important for making the perfect crimp on any wire connector, including butt splice connectors. Using a cheap crimper increases the chances of insufficiently crimping the connector, deforming the metal-to-metal connection, or damaging the insulation. Wirefy’s crimpers are made of high-quality materials and designed to crimp even the thickest wire terminals and insulation. Our selection includes ratchet and manual hydraulic crimpers for a wide range of projects. heat shrink butt connectors