Health coaches can offer valuable services to businesses to help reduce employee costs and increase productivity. Many health and wellness programs focus on helping employees lose weight, get more sleep, manage stress, and have better posture. However, many employers are interested in more holistic health and fitness benefits that address the root causes of some of their most costly employees’ medical issues such as chronic pain and high blood pressure.

Often times, employees are so overwhelmed by their daily life that they do not have time or energy to make healthy choices for themselves. A health coach can make a big difference in this area by providing a supportive environment for individuals to make the lifestyle changes they want. A health coach can also provide a unique perspective as they have been in the same position as their client.

Many companies are investing in health coaching as a way to help combat rising healthcare expenses. By reducing employee healthcare costs, businesses are saving money on their overall payroll and benefits. Many of these programs also focus on preventing, delaying, or managing common chronic conditions including heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity.

Working as a corporate wellness coach can be very rewarding and exciting. You can work onsite or remotely, and the hours are generally flexible. Your day to day tasks may include creating site wide wellness challenges for the company, organizing health fairs, and meeting one on one with employees to develop a wellness plan. You can even start a walking club, teach yoga classes, or lead mindfulness training. Some health coaches also create and deliver lunch and learn webinars to the company’s employees.

The key to getting into the Corporate Wellness space is to focus on establishing relationships with decision makers at the companies you are interested in working with. It is important to build a strong case for the value that you will bring to the company. Having a clear understanding of how your services will save them money and improve productivity will give you a huge advantage over other providers.

When you are ready to approach a company, be sure to have an elevator pitch prepared and to ask for an initial meeting with the decision maker or the person in charge of the corporate wellness program. Be ready to answer any questions they might have about your services, and let them know that you are willing to customize a plan for their specific needs.

It is also important to be aware of any challenges that might come up in the process, and be ready with solutions. If you can show that you will be able to overcome any obstacles, then it will give you an edge over other vendors who are not as confident in their abilities. Once you have established a relationship with a company, it is important to remember that this will be a long term commitment. Be sure to set expectations and goals for the year that you will work together.  corporate wellness coaches