For too long, kids bikes have been made up of components that were not designed with children in mind. The result is that they can be heavy and difficult to maneuver, which makes it harder for kids to learn how to ride and become confident riders. Thankfully, a couple of “bike geeks” have decided to change all that. Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld are the pair behind Woom Bikes, a bike company that has revolutionized how kids bikes are created.

Founded about a decade ago, the company is based in Austria but has expanded to the US and is run out of a garage in Austin, TX. They started the company after realizing that they could build better kids bikes than what was on the market. Their aim is to create a bike that inspires kids and motivates them to cultivate their biking skills.

The key to this is a bike that is light enough for kids to be comfortable riding it, while being strong enough to withstand the rigors of biking. Woom has accomplished this by using a unique frame design and the use of high quality, lightweight materials. It has also been designed to eliminate unnecessary features, which are typically found on other kids bikes, such as handlebar padding. This is because padding adds to the weight of the bike and does not help your child learn to ride.

Another feature that sets a woom bike apart is the brake levers, which are specially sized for little hands. They are also color coded to remind kids which hand they should use for braking. This is a great safety feature for kids who may not fully understand right and left yet. They have also ditched the foot brake (except for the WOOM 2), which is not necessary and can be difficult to teach kids how to operate.

All WOOM bikes have a very low bottom bracket and seat height, which makes them more stable and easier for kids to ride. WOOM’s unique bike-specific geometry is also designed to accommodate kid’s gear, such as a child carrier or rack.

Finally, WOOM bikes are some of the lightest pedal bikes on the market. This is not only great for kids who want to move faster, but it is also very important for kids who are still learning how to ride and need to feel safe and in control at all times.

While a WOOM bike is more expensive than some other kids bikes, the fact is that they offer a much higher level of comfort and safety, making them a good investment for families who value biking as a way of life. Additionally, because of their high-quality construction and unique design, WOOM bikes have excellent resale values. You can often find them on online selling platforms for about 80% of the original retail price. If you have a growing family of young kids, the WOOM is a smart choice that will grow with them and provide years of enjoyment. woom