Copying and pasting on a Chromebook is an essential feature of any computer. You may be wondering how to copy and paste text and images if you’ve recently purchased a Chromebook and are just getting to know how it works. There are several ways to do it, but the good news is that it is very simple. Allow us to explain how you can grab text from any webpage, document, image, or anything else you like.

What Are the Keyboard Shortcuts for Copying and Pasting on Chromebooks?

For both Windows PCs and Macs, standard keyboard combinations can be used to copy and paste the text into documents, emails, and other locations.

If you want to highlight specific text, position the cursor at the first letter, hold down the shift key as you use the arrow keys, or click and hold the trackpad cursor until you reach the words you want.

While holding down the Ctrl key, tap the C key simultaneously while selecting the text. The text will be copied. Next, click on the destination, place the cursor where you want the text to appear, then press Ctrl + V to paste.

You can use this technique to move a file or an image as well as text on your Chromebook. Simply highlight the file or image and copy and paste the link to move it to a new location.

Using The ChromeOS Menu To Copy And Paste Text

The ChromeOS contextual menu is also an easy way to access the menu if you don’t want to use keyboard shortcuts. Tap the touchpad with two fingers after you have highlighted the text as described above. This opens the contextual menu, from which you can select Copy. Next, double tap where you want the text to go, then select the Paste option.

How To Copy the Entire Text from A Document on A Chromebook?

If you need to capture all text from a document (or even a web page), this is also easy. If you want to highlight all of the text at once, press Ctrl + A and use one of the above methods for copying and pasting the text. Our recommendation is to use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

How To Copy and Paste an Image on A Chromebook

The process of capturing and moving images is a bit different from text, but it still takes only a couple of steps. First, tap the trackpad with two fingers while the cursor is on the image. A contextual menu will appear, from which you can select Copy image.

Now you can copy the image by pressing the Ctrl + V key combination and pasting it where you want it. Instead of copying the image into a document, choose Save image as… instead of Copy image from the contextual menu.

How To Copy and Paste a Video on Chromebook

You can’t capture a video from a website using the Copy and paste command on a Chromebook. However, if you want to share it with friends via social media or messaging apps, you can copy the URL and paste that link so they can see the video.

The first method involves going to the address bar at the top of the page, double-clicking it, then using Ctrl + C to copy the highlighted URL. You can then paste it into your email, post, etc., using Ctrl + V.

Alternatively, you can place the cursor on the video, tap the touchpad twice, then select Copy video URL. You can also select a specific part of the video by playing it until you reach the beginning of the section you want. Then, two-finger tapping the touchpad to copy the video address and paste it into your message will play there when the recipient sees the link.

Those are a few ways you can use Copy and paste on a Chromebook. We’ve rounded up the best Chromebooks, so you know which ones to choose if you need a new computer.