Katana sword is an iconic Japanese weapon that was used by Samurai warriors during the Feudal Japan era. Its long blade is typically curved and can be wielded with both hands, offering greater control during combat. The sword’s blade is often made from high-quality steel that has been heat-treated to a tough spring temper. It is then carefully polished for an immaculate finish and accompanied by a black lacquered wood scabbard with brass menuki and ray skin handle.

The katana’s origin dates back to the Heian period (794 to 1185 AD), a time of cultural flourishing and political transition in Japan. During this time, the katana became popular amongst samurai due to changes in warfare tactics that favoured close-quarters fighting over open fields and cavalry battles. The katana’s pronounced curve and ability to be drawn quickly from its scabbard (saya) made it an effective weapon in these new conditions.

The katana’s blade is usually made using the Tatara-buki method, which uses black iron sand found on beaches in Japan to create the high-carbon steel called Tamahagane. This sword-making technique aimed to achieve three highly sought qualities in its finished product: Not to break, not to bend, and a razor sharp cutting edge. buy demon slayer katana online