This is an idea that was developed by one Feross Aboukhadijeh. A computer science student, he was able to create the YouTube Instant and it is now attracting up to one million visitors. The program has joined Facebook with up to 28000 fans as well as the 20000 Tweets. It is attracting 14000 fans on Stumbles. The thing that is most impressive about the YouTube Instant is the fact that it has been able to achieve all this within a matter of two weeks.

It is now advertised on the home page of the major networks including Fox News, CNN, Venture Beat, Hacker News, CNET, All Things D, PC Magazine and Engadget. In short the YouTube Instant has exceeded all the expectations of the original creators. The public that loves the product will enjoy the features that have been added to the provision. They will also know that they are in good company with the great news networks. The safety of the YouTube Instant is not in question.

Benefits of the YouTube Instant

The program comes with autoplay facilities that ensure that the user does not have to click on the start button all the time. Many of the fans find it very convenient for all their video programs. The keyboard controls give the user a sense of empowerment that is not found within other programs. The URLs can be shared and this opens up the coverage of the system. The design on the Instant is quite impressive in different perspectives. There are plans for Facebook integration as well as the playlist creation using on the fly technologies. The auto updating for the Ad Sense units will be a great addition to Instant. The usage of YouTube Instant includes:


  1. Uploading videos is one of its functionalities. The social networks are always encouraging some level of interaction with the users. It is all about ensuring that they can add to the content of the website. Using the tools such as YouTube Instant it is possible to increase the general provision for the product.
  2. Downloading videos is made easier. The people that see the content might want to store it for later use. Many of the websites make this process very difficult. Therefore the entrance of the Instant is of great benefit to people that want to interact with different websites.
  3. Sharing videos is allowed using the Instant. People might be on social networking websites and then they discover that there is a great program that they wish to refer to their friends. This means that the new gadget can facilitate this process. It will mean that the programs are able to attract new participants.
  4. Burning videos is now a distinct possibility using the Instant. The various social media websites have found that there is a restriction on the burning facilities for the users. That might be part of the copyright protection process. On other occasions there is no justification for the movements in other areas. youtube favorites