When callers reach your business, they expect to speak to a real person who understands their concerns and will represent the company professionally. A virtual receptionist can make this happen. They will answer calls, set up appointments or sales meetings, qualify leads and provide the customer service that improves customer loyalty.

Virtual receptionist services allow small businesses to have personalized attention for a fixed or variable number of calls without the cost and hassle of hiring, training and managing an in-house team. They are often charged on a per-minute basis, with some providing a monthly subscription that includes prepaid minutes to be used as needed.

In addition to answering phone calls, virtual receptionists will screen and route them, according to a preset menu that is tailored to your business. They will ask for context about the query or appointment, so that your team can offer tailored and accurate responses to customers. They can also handle other customer communication channels like email, social media and live chat.

Whether you have an in-house team that’s busy with client meetings, or a lean one due to Covid, a virtual receptionist can save your business money. It’s estimated that a missed call costs a business PS1,200, and you can lose more than just a customer if you don’t respond to an enquiry quickly. A virtual receptionist will ensure that all of your calls are answered, even when you’re closed for the day or unavailable. virtual receptionist